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Our Story

Once upon a time, Trinity Episcopal Church was only a dream. It started in 1848 in a Victoria house with a small group of Episcopalians who shared one goal: to build a better future by spreading the Gospel throughout the community. Over time, this group has grown and countless individuals have added building block after building block to bring us to the present day.
We now have a well-established church community filled with leaders who fervently want to include and welcome new families. Proudly, Trinity Episcopal Church has been able to extend this welcome to countless families whose children are enrolled at Trinity Episcopal School, “The Parish School”, which was established in 1954 to help with the very same goal the church founders had: to build a better future for our community.
Although the community impact from both the church and the school has been profound, this important work has come with its own set of challenges. At many points throughout history, the facilities have not been adequate and the leaders at the time had to adapt, grow, revise, and contribute their time, talents, and resources. In doing so, they were able to add the very next building block for a very important future.
It is now time to build again. It is time to build upon the foundation that so many others have laid for us. Our church ministry is strong, and it will be even stronger when we add welcoming spaces for our youth programs, our parishioners and our guests. Our school programs are the best in the community, and they will be even better when the attention of the staff can focus more on what happens inside of the classroom instead of the physical state of the classroom.
We are seeking today's leaders to help support the future goals of Trinity Episcopal Church and Trinity Episcopal School. As we follow in the footsteps of so many who have come before us, we hope you will join us in “building together” a better future for our community.
Download the Building Together Brochure here.

Building Together Total Cost: $9,219,000

($13,348,000 for proposed full 2-story classroom expansion and parish hall/kitchen remodel) 

 Trinity School Classroom Addition

12,950 square feet of new space
New 2-story addition to replace portable buildings
Renovate / redesign existing space
New drop-off at Guadalupe & Moody with covered entrance
Integrated security system at both campuses
New parking on Vine Street
Relocate playground / green space

Estimated Total Cost: $5,912,000

Proposed Expansion Options
(cost not included above)
Partial 2-story expansion- $1,300,000
4 additional classrooms
3,728 square feet
Full 2-story expansion- $3,335,000
9 additional classrooms
9,444 square feet

Trinity Episcopal Church Facilities Improvements

Nave Renovation / Refurbishing- $2,350,000
Narthex addition
Renovate existing Narthex space & update restrooms
Addition of balcony railing
Nave lighting replacement / upgrade
Nave flooring upgrade
Sanctuary / Chancel area renovation
Foundation / structure repair
Organ revoicing / instrument work
Sound system & A/V upgrades
Liturgical elements / stained-glass repair
Entry / Office Wing Improvements- $287,000
Renovate existing restrooms near classrooms
Remove portable building
Parking lot resurface
Trinity Ministry Center- $670,000
Remove / demolish existing Youth House
Construct new building with classrooms & kitchenette
Add parking

Estimated Total Cost- $3,307,000


Proposed Parish Hall & Kitchen Remodel- $794,000
(cost not included above)
Kitchen expansion
Redesign kitchen, storage, pantry, & stage
Refurbish parish hall & sound system




David Robinson, Chair | Bonnie Reeves, Coordinator | Doug Anderson | Robert W. Briggs | Richard Chapman | The Reverend Jim Kee-Rees | Kristy Nelson | Dennis Patillo



Tommy Taylor, Co-Chair | Colin Fry, Co-Chair | David Boyd | Robert W. Briggs | Cheryl Brumley | Richard Chapman | Fred Fry | Penni Gietz | The Reverend Jim Kee-Rees | Leilani Valdes | Kristy Nelson | Dennis Patillo | David Robinson | Cindy Rogers  | Laurie Shamma | Kay Walker


Robert W. Briggs, Co-Chair | Penni Gietz, Co-Chair | Kay Walker, Co-Chair | Bonnie Reeves, Coordinator | Cheryl Brumley | The Reverend Jim Kee-Rees | Kristy Nelson | Dennis Patillo | Tommy Taylor

Ways to Show Your Support

Visit the church or school offices to fill out a pledge card.
Complete the online pledge form below.
Scroll further down to schedule a credit card donation (recurring or one time).
Mail checks to Trinity Episcopal Church c/o Building Together
1501 N. Glass Street
Victoria, TX 77901
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