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 Hello, My Name is Stephanie Wood.

I am looking forward to this fundraising adventure for Trinity Episcopal School.  I think it is wonderful to create buzz and excitement to help Trinity grow.  Having attended private school myself I appreciate the efforts it takes to provide the students with the best tools to learn and excel.  Students completing their education at Trinity have proven to be academically prepared for the challenge ahead.  But this takes funds for the school to provide the best technology, textbooks, staff, and unique opportunities for the students.  I believe in a Christian education.  Growing up in this world today our children need faith as their backbone.  It is our job to support the schools that provide this foundation for our children.  My favorite time is to attend a weekly chapel service and start the day surrounded by the sweet voices giving praise.    I am very grateful to know that when I send my child to school every day that I have the support of his teacher and staff to lead him in a positive direction.  I hope that he will have the same happy experience that I had!