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Why Should I Choose Trinity Episcopal School Over Other Schools in the Area?

That is a really good question. Trinity offers an experience like no other school in Victoria.

1) The quality of education offered through Trinity Episcopal school goes unmatched.

Teaching is different at Trinity. Our faculty engages students so that they remember the information taught through muscle memory, word association and other kinesthetic exercises. This improves retention and makes learning way more fun.

Our small class sizes open up avenues through which students can receive one-on-one attention and personal guidance in subjects or assignments they may not understand or fully grasp.

2) The school offers educational opportunities that are simply not available at other schools. This includes outdoor educational opportunities, where students take trips within Texas and are exposed firsthand to subjects and professions typically taught in a collegiate environment. Events showcasing things such as aquaponics, digital photography, robotics, filmmaking, and much more have been offered every year to our students. The school also has the only professional rock climbing wall of its kind available in Victoria.

Trinity students have access to top-of-the-line technology as part of their education. Students visit the Lower School computer lab daily, which is stocked with iMacs and iPads. A mobile computer lab complete with Macbooks is taken to students for typing class. Every classroom is equipped with whiteboard/projector technology, which allows teachers to project lessons while making notes on their whiteboard.

Trinity is working with a local organization to expand its art program to include filmmaking. In addition to currently being a tech-savvy school, our students will soon have technology that very few schools across the country have access to, let alone colleges and professional organizations.

3) When students graduate from Trinity Episcopal School, they do so with a sense of confidence and self-awareness. It is not uncommon for our graduates to succeed in high school at a higher intellectual level then their public-school peers, and to be accepted to some of the most prestigious universities in the nation.  

How many other schools can say this?