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Trinity is not only committed to educating our students, but also providing opportunities for our students to give back to our community. We are excited to share that we are giving back through our Hunger Initiative again this year. 
The gallon zip lock baggies we fill are referred to as “backpack bags.” When students go out for recess, teachers slip these bags of food into their backpacks to take home, so they have food to eat on the weekends when they are not receiving a school lunch and are at risk of going hungry during the weekend. Our students were given a budget, macronutrient criteria for the items they could purchase, and a computer with login information for our online shopping accounts. The students worked together to create a shopping list that would fill the appropriate number of bags, stay within our budget, include appropriate items that fell within our dietary guidelines, and provide variety. This process helped students with math, nutrition, grocery shopping, and teamwork.
In the first year, we filled 80-100 bags every two weeks. In the 2020 school year, we filled 200 bags every two weeks to meet the growing need of the school we serve. This still does not meet the school’s weekly needs and our efforts are supplemented by additional bags from the local food bank.  This process teaches our students leadership, teamwork, patience, kindness, and an appreciation of helping others and being thankful for their blessings. 
Before starting the 2021-22 school year, our school of fewer than 300 students has raised money to purchase, bag and deliver approximately 4,400 bags of food. That equals 4,400 times in the past two years that a child did not go hungry in the city of Victoria.
To continue this program, we need your help! For every $10 donation, you will get a foldaway, reusable tote bag with this year's motto.