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The academic success of our current and former students is one of the hallmarks of Trinity Episcopal School. Great care is taken to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education, knowledgeable in math and science as well as art history, poetry, and multimedia. Individual attention and high expectations are the key to our students’ success. If you talk to our students, you'll find that they often respect and enjoy such high standards because they know they are being developed into high achievers.

This is due, in part, to the individual attention students receive. Children in kindergarten through third grade are assessed three times a year using the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) assessment tool. If a student shows a decrease in progress, he or she is sent to an onsite reading specialist who works with him or her one-on-one to correct the issue before it becomes something that could potentially hinder the student's ability to learn. This early observation is what leads to school reading scores in the 99th percentile.

Students are encouraged to participate in academic contests such as the Spelling Bee and Math Bee, refining their skills and abilities against others. Competition provides students the opportunity to enjoy success through hard work and discipline. Contests also teach students how to win and lose with grace.

  • 45% of our students, grades 2nd-8th, rank in the top 5% nationally on ITBS testing
  • 96% of our students, grades K5-3rd, score above grade level expectaion on DIBELS testing
  • Trinity alumni are only 10% of the St. Joseph High School population, but make up 50% of the National Merit Scholars and 50% of the top honor graduates

Outdoor Education

At Trinity, we believe that learning doesn't only happen within the four walls of a classroom. Enrichment field trips are considered integral to the learning experience. Students learn about the world around them by visiting educational sites throughout the area to enhance classroom learning. Experts are also invited to the school to talk to our students.

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