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Trinity Episcopal School has a rich legacy spanning several generations in the Victoria community. Our graduates have
gone on to become successful lawyers, doctors, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

The impact a Trinity education has on a child leaves a lasting positive impression. Below are a small sample of testimonials provided by past Trinity students, parents of current students and others in Victoria. (click on the red text to expand)

One of our twin daughters was diagnosed with dyslexia before the start of the school year. Our previous private school would not provide accommodations nor did they have anyone trained to help her adapt to new learning methods. With the help from school officials, we were accepted into Trinity Episcopal.

Both of our daughters have seen a great improvement in their academics. Trinity has opened new horizons for the girls with the variety in subject matter that is being offered to them on a more frequent basis. It is exciting to see the knowledge they are gaining in modern technology. At Trinity, my children are free to express their love of God with chapel every day.

The twins are exhibiting an enthusiasm they have never had before about school. They are setting goals and achieving them. Our daughter with dyslexia no longer pretends to read or hides when it's time to read. She now carries a book with her and is constantly reading. Trinity Episcopal School has given us an incredible opportunity for our children to become the best they can be. We are so thankful that God led us to Trinity Episcopal School." -- the Myers family

"My story starts with a three-year-old who was too young for kindergarten and, in my eyes, getting too old for private day care. A good friend recommended Trinity, which seemed to be a good fit. After all, I was rasied Episcopalian. My husband and I had both gone to public school, so our plan was to start (our son) at Trinity and then transfer him into public school when he was older. Needless to say, we fell in love with Trinity and have never left.

My love for Trinity was strengthened when my stepson came to live with us. Everyone at Trinity -- from the administration to the teachers -- bent over backwards to help us get enrolled and transition to a new school quickly. He was behind in certain subjects and needed individualized attention and some 'hand holding' so he could catch up and, at the same time, thrive in his new environment. I knew we made the right decision when we picked him up on his second day at school and he said, 'It feels like I have been here forever.'

Trinity does have a family feel. I remember the first year we were there and I picked up my then three-year-old from after school care. As we walked down the hall, older children were calling him by name and saying hello. I also remember my first trip to the lunch room, watching the children say a prayer before they ate lunch and then all working together after eating to clean up -- wiping down tables, sweeping the floor and throwing away trash before lining up orderly at the door.

I can go on and on about the education your child will get at Trinity or the small class sizes and high test scores, but what sets Trinity apart for me are the values and respect that are learned by example and practiced every day." -- Jennifer Adams

"Since our children are second-generation Trinity students, family tradition certainly played a role in our decision to send our children here. However, the biggest deciding factor was having spent six years on the Trinity Board of Trustees, most of which occurred before my oldest child reached preschool.

Although my husband was a product of private schooling, I am a public school alum and my mother was a teacher in public schools for many years. I had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of public schools since my father was transferred every couple of years. During my years on the TES board, I was struck by how passionate every person was about Trinity and their child's educational experience -- parents, teachers and administration alike. This was not something I experienced in the public school system; in fact, it was usually the opposite.

Having three children, I was a bit concerned about the small size of the school and their ability to accommodate my three very different children with very different personalities and academic abilities. We have now been at Trinity for eight years and it has definitely been the right place for all three of my children. My oldest has been with half of her classmates since they were three years old and they are like her second family. My kids are excited to get up and go to school every morning. I believe they are getting the best education available in our area." -- Wendy McHaney

"As grandparents, we believe one of the greatest gifts we can provide to our grandchildren is a good, Christian-based education. We are so pleased with the methodology used at Trinity. Each student is challenged to do his or her very best and thought of individually. The nurturing that starts with the Head of School and extends through the teachers and every person that interacts with these students is grounded in faith and very personal. The daily chapel gives them a positive start to the day. The good fortune that allows for technology to be in each student's hands gives them a true advantage in preparing for the world today. Their exposure to the arts, music and athletics is important, yet their academic education remains foremost in all planning.

We encourage our grandchildren to set goals and capture every opportunity to learn. The skills taught at Trinity provide them with a solid basis to do this and inspire an interest to seek more than is required. We believe that the environment for this is clearly apparent at Trinity, giving our grandchildren and all students the tools needed to reach the goals they set for themselves and their future.

We encourage every parent and grandparent to look at Trinity as the pathway to learning for their children and grandchildren. God places opportunities in our lives. We strongly believe that Trinity Episcopal School is one of those opportunities and are blessed our grandchildren can experience it." -- Jennifer and Jim Hartman

"When our family relocated to Victoria from Europe, we wanted to find a school where our boys would receive the help they needed in the adjustment to the American school system. After visiting Trinity, we knew we found the right place. We were impressed not only by the high academic standards, facilities and technology available, but also by the personal attention and family atmosphere of the school. The academic support services and encouragement our boys received helped them to be successful in their new environment.

Our oldest son often tells us, 'Trinity is the best school. I always want to go there." Thank you Trinity for being a blessing to our family!" -- Brad and Lisa Short

“I’m not a parent of a student at this school. I have some friends who do have children who attend Trinity and have been on campus a handful of times. The atmosphere is different; kids run up to each other and give hugs. The students are perceptive and the faculty really enjoys teaching. Students and teachers alike celebrate each other and everyone knows each others' names. The faculty are attentive and students love to learn. Trinity Episcopal School offers programs and educational opportunities that no other school has. The kinds of things their students are exposed to would typically be reserved for college or beyond. They're technologically advanced and kids learn using a variety of methods. I wish I had attended a school like Trinity when I was growing up. It's so refreshing to interact with such smart, confident, talented kids. It really is no wonder to me as to why they're such high achievers." -- via

She will be a dentist. She learned so much at TES. I owe them a big thank you!

Our 15 year old attended and that is why we have our youngest daughter beginning there this year.

 We are happy to be able to send our children to such a fine school.