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"Trinity was my foundation of love for learning. The teachers there did so much more than teach a subject. They opened our eyes to possibilities. They nurtured us and loved us. I took that foundation with me for the rest of my formal education. Trinity was an amazing school and some of my fondest memories of my early years in life are centered around the people in that school, teachers and classmates alike."  Nicola Delvaille Rueckheim, 1985-91

"If anything, my fondness for Trinity has grown as an alum. This is helped by family connections with the school, so I'm often back to visit, but returning to warm greetings from my past teachers is always such a treat! I always enjoy returning to the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and reliving elementary school memories. The staff there are always excited to see former students, and take pride in our success; for me, Trinity is a place to which I am always happy to return. The familial aspect of the school and the personal interest of the teachers in their students' success is what sets the school apart." Sarah Eastham, 2000-11

We welcome all Trinity alumni and their families to keep us up-to-date.  We want to hear about your important life events, update your address when you move, and feature former students in our Patriot Press newsletters.  Submit the form below, answering one or all of the questions and share the link with your fellow classmates; we want to stay in touch with our former Trinity families.

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